Anonymous whispered:

"how is your relationship with bambietta?"

    define the unknown. 

          search for answers, 

  answers which you never had. 


stormy would be the first word that would fill her thoughts— such a simple question, such a complicated definition. what were they? how was that? when was the beginning? so many doubts, no set of sentences on the tip of her tongue. how painful— a headache. 

oddly, candice was not good when it came to expressing herself in matters that concerned this sort of thing, feelings themselves; especially when they were new and were still in bloom.

     'bambietta basterbine?' the name flowed smoothly, soft words in a violent contrast to her own mind, which was immersed in a vortex of confusion; working tirelessly to build a convincing answer. it was ironic, so to speak. a long period spent together and the ‘t’ was unable to muster half a dozen words to provide an explanation— she felt drained; and her mouth tasted like cotton. 

   catnipp did not know exactly how to define it, but she knew there was something more. something that stung, which often led her thoughts to the explode’s being, despite the long periods they went without seeing each other. absence made ​​the heart grow fonder, at the end of everything. 

        our relationship? ah, if I were to really say everything I think and feel, I would embarrass myself. I’m not playing the heartless girl, I just… I know she knows what it is becoming. words are unnecessary when the answer is written in the eyes of another person, y’know? when I look at her, I’m perfectly able to see through her— and this is the same way around. complicity, ‘yer getting?

                                           I do like her.  

                                                                 I really like her. 


'she's a friend of mine—-' much more than a friend. ‘a spoiled brat who talks big and sticks her nose into the business of others. that’s all I have to say to you right now.’ 

                  yes, that’s all she had to say.

                                             all she could say.

                                                            for she was waiting for the right time to arise.


Title: Poison
Artist: Tarja Turunen
Played: 12 times

i wanna love you, but i better not touch

wanna hold you, but my senses tell me to stop

i wanna kiss you, but i want it too much

i wanna taste you, but your lips are venomous poison

you’re poison running through my veins  

i don’t wanna break these chains

rkoverlord whispered:

"'o ' fucks up her hair"

the hair is indestructible.



rkoverlord whispered:

"licks Candy's cheek. :*"


       is dat u?

niveusserpentem whispered:

"Ew. You still breathing."

little shit. 

           still around? 

  how was that even possible? 


'I fail to grasp the meaning of your stupid sentence,

y’know? but all this is self explanatory, considering

that ‘yer a mediocre thing! yet, it can be applied

the other way around— I’m surprised to see you alive.’




'sword, if you may?

   —sounds like a bunch of bullshit!’


             ’Aren’t you the faintest trace curious—?’

curiosity. ah, such a crude sin.

'maybe I am, maybe I'm not.

     why do not you try to guess?’


I love her guys


I love her guys

'sword, if you may?

   —sounds like a bunch of bullshit!’